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Bijan Omranicontributes a chapter to this work on “Britain in the first twoAfghan wars: What can we learn?” A survey of some of the military, political andgovernmental problems which the British encountered in the first two Afghanwars (1838-1842, 1878-1880), and how many of the mistakes made in the 19thcentury have been repeated in the recent occupation of Afghanistan. The necessityto understand the history of Afghanistan and Central Asia, given our deepinvolvement in the region, has never been greater. Co-authored with Major-GeneralCharles Vyvyan.

"The distinctiveness of Beyond the 'Wild Tribes' rests on the fact that itcovers unexplored terrain. It is an ambitious volume dwelling on topics thatnormally do not feature in everyday discussion about Afghanistan, and itscontributors distance themselves from the over-researched and overstretcheddebate on the Taliban and the military campaigns against it since 2001. Thisvolume is a serious attempt by a group of dedicated scholar-practitioners tolocate the ills and challenges facing Afghanistan today. Since the issues theywrestle with are timeless (in the Afghan context), their combined reflectionsand findings will have an enduring relevance." - Amalendu Mishra, LancasterUniversity, author of Afghanistan: The Labyrinth of Violence

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