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What was itreally like to travel the iron rails of the Trans-Siberian Railway inits early years, the dusty, parched tracks of the Silk Road in its heyday, or therugged, dangerous mountain passes into and out of the Indian subcontinent? Eurasia’sgreat land routes, offspring of the ambition of Russian tsars, Chinese emperors andMughal khans, have served human history well, acting as conduits for trade, religionand cultural conventions, and as avenues down which conquering armies and commercialpioneers swarmed in the forging of empires. With wit and humour, Omrani weaves atapestry of tales and reports by a panoply of travellers down the centuries, takingthe reader on an exciting journey that crosses continents and spans epochs. Richlyembellished with stunning photography, detailed maps and fascinating archivalillustrations, Asia Overland is a compelling piece of travel literature that willappeal to both modern-day explorers and armchair travellers alike.

“...First-class storytelling... will take you through the ups and downs, and leaveyou aching to take off....” - Time Out

“...Asia Overland is a taut single volume which skillfully collects 2000 years oftravelling experiences in Russia and Central Asia ... but its real aim is to createa sense of timeless wonder, tempting the latent Romantic to explore the wonders ofa vast region still relatively unknown in Western Europe and the United States...anabsolute must-have for anyone with an interest in Russia and Asia and their history,people and customs...” - Julian Gallant for the GB-Russia Society

“...I think it looks wonderful: wish I'd had it when I did In Xanadu...” - WilliamDalrymple

“...The historical and geographical scope of this book is vast, and the sheer varietyof peoples, customs and anecdotes can be dizzying; but then, the distances traveledastonished even locals. Anton Chekhov, riding the newly built Trans-Siberian in the1890s, commented on the never-ending larch, spruce and pine forests: 'Over the first24 hours you pay no attention to it, by the second and third day you are full ofwonderment, and by the fourth and fifth you experience the sensation that you willnever manage to emerge from this green monster' ... Asia Overland is richly researchedand well organized ... a fine addition to the travel trunk and warm encouragementto anyone looking to offset their carbon footprint. ...” - Steppe magazine

“...Beautifully illustrated...well-written and drawing upon numerous resources, AsiaOverland should appeal to readers fascinated by the region's history just as much asit would to travellers planning to set out along either of these great routes. Omranisucceeds in painting a vivid picture of the peoples seen along the way...A veryengaging read from start to finish. ...” - Real Travel (Book of the Month, August 2010)

“...From recollections of the drunks who stumbled out of Moscow and St Petersburg'sbars to the traditional nomad tribes of Mongolia, this engaging book reveals incandid detail what people thought of the rough - and often savage - landscapes theyencountered...” - Wanderlust

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